Measure intuitive and quick with S lynx

Traceable measurement of micro structured surfaces
  • The system: Traceable 3D measurements with color images
    S lynx is a cost effective optical measurement system for convenient, quick and traceable 3D measurement of form and finish on micro structured surfaces. In addition, a color sensor provides color images with high contrast and depth of focus. A number of user friendly functionalities in both hardware and software result in high measurement accuracy, high measurement speed and intuitive usability.
  • The function: High resolution surface roughness and form measurement
    S lynx is a surface finish measurement device and 3D measurement system in a single product. The robust frame and the intelligent illumination technology provide fast and high resolution measurements also in a production near environment.
  • The benefits: Cost efficient, fast and highly intuitive
    InfiniteFocusSL is particularly attractive due to its cost effectiveness, its measurement speed and usability. Its high working distance of up to 33mm in combination with the above average measurement field of 50x50 mm allows a wide range of applications. Measurements are achieved within seconds. A number of features such as a coaxial laser for quick and easy focusing enhance its usability.

The applications: 3D surface and form measurement in various industries

Applications range from cutting edge measurement in tool industry to quality assurance and surface finish measurement of micro components in the automotive, aerospace, mold and medical device industries. Users also measure difficult to access surface positions including steep flanks or the roughness on, for example, the tooth root of a gear.

The technology: Focus-Variation for area based 3D surface measurement

S lynx is based on Focus-Variation. The technology‘s high measurement point density enables form and roughness measurement of surfaces across large measurement areas and volumes. Every measurement value automatically includes information for estimating the measurement uncertainty. As an area based technology, Focus-Variation is already included to the most recent EN ISO 25178.
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