Acoustic Levitator L200)

Laboratory instrument for ambient conditions

The laboratory device L200 is well-suited for accurate measurements of mass-transport mechanisms of acoustically levitated droplets.

The specifically developed software detects the levitated sample automatically and analyzes the contour of the symmetric sample can be measured and documented.

After every experiment a data sheet with all important parameters (e.g. time, temperature, pressure, volume, horizontal and vertical droplet-diameter etc.) and picture material (pictures or a video) of the droplet will be stored on the PC.

With the help of the measured and stored volume-time-diagram it is possible to calculate valuable physical properties regarding the mass transport. These include: Diffusion- and mass transport coefficients.

Measurements regarding crystallization, particle formation, gelation and melting processes can be done due to the large working range of the L200.


|| Contact-free measurements

|| Controllable droplet-shape

|| Accurate and more realistic experiments

|| Intuitive control

|| Low energy input

|| Levitation of solids and liquids

|| Very stable levitation

|| No unwanted heating



|| Ideal for mass-transport, particle formation, crystallization and gelation, melting/solidification processes

|| Observation of reactions and crystal growth within the droplet

|| Upgradable with spectroscopic instruments to measure e.g. concentrations and phase equilibria

|| work area: Pressure = ambient // Temperature = 253 K - 453 K




Acoustic levitator (Material: Aluminium, ca. 40 kHz)

Frequency generator

Amplifier (maximum 50 Vpp)



Heating system with temperature control

Measurement cell

External gas flow

Camera with zoom-optics


Injection system for reproducible droplet volumes

Software for droplet-volume measurements

Reflector automation


Surface Tension & Viscosity 

Pendant Droplet add-on

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